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New Year… New Challenges…!!
10th January 2014

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break and are now raring to get started again! I went back to AAAHQ on Monday to find literally hundreds of messages from people wanting to come and start at our sessions, including our exciting new ones! Early in the day Nicci launched our newest Pre-School Gymnastics sessions at Raich Carter which will run from 10:30am to 11:30am and 11:30am to 12:30pm every Monday. The sessions looked fantastic and everyone had a great time – we’re expecting them to be really busy and I can’t wait to see loads of new Pre-Schoolers in the classes soon!

After visiting the Pre-School sessions me and Lyndsay went over to Harton Technology College to launch the second new class of the day! Lyndsay will be running Trampoline sessions every Monday at Harton from 5:00pm to 6:30pm – yet another opportunity for members in South Tyneside to get involved with AAAsports! The first session was actually full to capacity already, which is great news!

After Harton it was time to get back to my own sessions at Sandhill, where it was great to see everyone again and find out what they’d been up to over Christmas. It was also obvious who had spent more time watching TV than conditioning…! Everyone I worked with seemed determined to get back to training after their time off though, and most were back doing whole routines by the end of the session! It was also Jacob’s first session back after injury… all session he had a smile on his face so big you could see it from space!

Tuesday morning was a very different setup as me, Ashley and Dory travelled up to the Louisa Centre in Stanley to meet with the managers at the venue. This was a very, very big day for AAAsports, as we officially took over the running of all Trampoline and Gymnastics sessions at the centre! We will be running 8 Trampoline & Gymnastics sessions every week at Louisa, running on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There was already a club at the Louisa Centre, so we’re looking forward to meeting the previous members and a whole bunch of new ones too!

Tuesday evening saw me make my return to coaching at Raich Carter with my DMT and then Freestyle sessions. I really enjoyed both sessions that day, with everyone loving being back in their classes again. Freestyle seems to get busier and busier every week and the boys continue to come up with new and exciting ways of pushing themselves – Nathaniel in particular came up with a fantastic new challenge on the track with the aim of balancing in a plank on the block… sounds complicated and it is!

Wednesday was my first full day back in AAAHQ, when we finally got the chance to catch up on the waiting list, which had over 100 messages on it from over Christmas! I had a great meeting with Sun FM as well, who are going to be visiting some of our sessions for a very special event later this month… more information coming soon!

Wednesday night I was back at Sandhill for the first Trampoline Squad session of the year. All of the Squad members were given brand new training plans ready for them to tackle the new NDP competition structure which came in to force on 1st January. The new system is a complete change to many of the things that we’re used to in Trampoline, including the introduction of some very odd new routines and rules. While it’s taking a lot of time to get our head around all the changes, the Squad members are taking it in their stride and pushing themselves harder than ever to progress!

Thursday was another AAAHQ day for me, where I got the chance to spend some time with our newest AAAsports Coach, Nicola, who you will see coaching in our Gymnastics sessions at Raich Carter and delivering sessions in schools around the region. I really enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about her, including her time as part as an International Acrobatic Gymnast! Don’t forget to introduce yourself next time you see her!

On Thursday night I was back at Raich Carter, working with the DMT team to prepare for their new competition structure as well. Again, this has seen a total overhaul of requirements including the introduction of ‘set passes’ for the first time, which some people are struggling with. It’s a real shame that some people had worked so hard ready for 2014, only to find that the rules had changed and they had been working on the wrong things. However, it’s a testament to everyone in DMT that they’re all determined to make sure they’re ready to compete at their first competition in March instead! Well done everyone – let’s do this!!

So that leads us to Thursday night when I’m writing this, and leaves me looking forward to what the rest of 2014 has in store for AAAsports! With 7 venues now we’re all excited to see new members joining us across our disciplines. There’s competitions and events in many of our disciplines, plus the AAAsports Championships later this year which I’m sure will be amazing as always! There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved as well, as our coaches take on even more new coaching courses to provide more options for everyone, while the AAAsports Leadership Academy will be giving our older members the chance to gain new skills of their own!

We’ve also got some cool things lined up with Sun FM, British Gymnastics and a whole range of other organisations, so watch this space for even more amazing opportunities!

Have a great 2014 everyone – let’s have fun!


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